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Terre's Dance Workshop offers the following dance classes at their studio in Dayton, Ohio.

Ballet Class

Ballet Dance Classes – 8-18 years old

Regardless of a child’s experience and ability, Terre’s Dance Workshop offers a broad curriculum, starting with beginner classes for those who want to try ballet to advanced training for pre-professionals.

The basic foundation of all forms of dance. Students will learn the fundamentals, placement, posture, and discipline associated with ballet technique. We encourage every student who wants to improve their overall dance technique to enroll in ballet. This class is for children 8 years to adult.

At the end of the academic season, students at all levels have an optional opportunity to dance in Terre’s Dance Workshop’s Nutcracker, giving them an opportunity to perform before an audience and to show friends and family their progress and what they have learned during the year.

Attire – Girls are required to wear pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes. Leotards MUST be a solid color. Hair MUST be completely off the face and securely put up regardless of level. No skirts, except for Pointe class. Tights must be worn under leotards.  Boys are required to wear white shirts with black tights and shoes.

Terre's Dance Workshop
Terre's Dance Workshop

Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop Dance Class – 8-18 years old

A style of jazz movement influenced by today’s pop culture.  This high-energy dance style has become the most popular expression of today’s young artists.  This class is for children 8 years old to adult.

Attire – MUST wear black jazz pants and jazz sneakers.

Terre's Dance Workshop
Terre's Dance Workshop

Jazz / Contemporary Class

Jazz/Contemporary Dance Class – 7-18 years old

This class focuses on Jazz/Contemporary Dance movement, while incorporating flexibility, strength, and proper dance technique.  Each class begins with stretching techniques to build strength and flexibility, and then leading into progressions with emphasis on turns, jumps, kicks, and leaps.  The dance style covered in our Jazz/Contemporary classes are lyrical, contemporary, musical theater and pure fosse style jazz.

Attire – Leotards, black jazz pants, and black jazz shoes

Terre's Dance Workshop

Tap Class

Tap Dance Class – 8-18 years old

This class enables students to develop coordination, timing, and rhythm while making music with their feet.  Tap is great for improving one’s ability to sense rhythm since the ear is such an important part of learning tap.  This class is for children 8 years to adult.

Attire – Beginner and basic classes will wear a black low healed tap shoe.  Advanced tap students will need 1 1/2″ black tap shoes and jazz tap shoes.

Modern Class

Modern Dance Class – 8-18 years old

A fusion of ballet and jazz, normally done in bare feet. It’s a movement that offers you different shapes and curves. Unlike ballet, it is a free form structure in which the body explores motion off its center axis.

Our modern classes are based on Horton technique.  This technique is a method developed by Lester Horton.  It is specific exercises work over physical skills like force and flexibility, but also over  rhythmical abilities.

Attire – All students must wear a solid leotard and black or pink footless tights.

Terre's Dance Workshop

Gymnastics Class

Gymnastics Class – 4-14 years old

Our gymnastics program is designed to introduce the sport of artistic gymnastics to girls and boys. The students will learn basic gymnastics and tumbling skills.   Additionally, students will have some introduction to trampoline, dance and choreography.

Attire – All students must wear a leaotard, they may wear bike shorts

Youth Dance Classes

Creative Dance & Gymnastics – 3-4 years old

Pre-Ballet, Tap, and Gymnastics – 4-7 years old

The youth dance program at Terre’s Dance Workshop in Dayton, OH begins at the age of three and continues to the age of seven or eight.  At that point students enter into the pre-professional ballet program and are also offered different dance forms, including jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance.

In our classes for three to four year old students we teach creative movement and tumbling.  This class level stresses improving gross motor skills, learning how to take turns, recognizing musical beats, pointing feet, and learning the basic ballet positions.  In the tumbling portion of this class, students work on stretching and strengthening their arms and legs while progressing through front summersaults, back summersaults, and cartwheels.  Students also start to work on a low balance beam to improve balance.

In our classes for five, six and seven year olds we teach pre-ballet and tumbling.  This level emphasizes the skills of skipping, galloping, marching, and leaping.  We teach students to recognize both 4/4 and ¾  time beats.  Students learn the five basic ballet positions and a modified barre routine while working on the releve and body control.  In the tumbling, class round-offs, handstand roll downs, and back walkovers are added to the curriculum.

 Youth Ballet Pre-Professional

The Pre-professional program at Terre’s Dance Workshop starts when children are seven or eight depending on their levels of dance and maturity.  This program emphasizes correct body placement, musicality, strengthening, and flexibility while teaching students correct ballet terminology

Class placement is determined by ability rather than age.  While we strive to place dancers appropriately, adjustments may be made during the first month of class.  Returning students will follow a progressive program until second grade, when classical training will begin.  Jazz classes can be taken after a child has had ballet and is eight years old.  Tap classes can be added to the curriculum after a child has one year of ballet.

Terre's Dance Workshop

Summer Dance Classes

Summer Dance Classes From Terre’s Dance Workshop

Terre’s Dance Workshop will be holding a modified Summer Dance Class Schedule. This is a great time to polish your dance technique and even try out a new form of Dance. Classes will start June 4th and run for 4 weeks, ending the week of June 25th. 

Fees for the 4 week session are as follows: 30 min Dance Class = $48. Forty Five min Dance Class = $50, an Hour Dance Class = $52, Seventy Five min Dance Class = $56.

Please register by May 1 to ensure your spot in our Summer Dance Classes. Call (937)435-0503 or email us at [email protected].

Terre's Dance Workshop

Yearly Schedule


Studio 1

4:00 – Tap II
4:30 – Ballet II
5:30 – Jazz/Contemporary  II
6:15 – Beginner/Intermediate Tap
6:45 – Intermediate Ballet/Gymnastics

Studio 2

4:00 – Modern I-II
5:00 – Pre-Pointe
6:15 – Adv. Ballet by Invitation Only
7:30 – Pointe
8:00 – MVDC Rehearsal


Studio 1

10:30 – Creative Dance & Gymnastics
12:30 – Beginner Tap
1:00 – Beginner Ballet & Gymnastics
2:15 – Boys Movement & Tumble
4:30 – Adv. Beginner Tap
5:00 – Adv. Beginner Ballet & Gymnastics
6:00 – Ballet IV
7:45 – Intermediate Tap

Studio 2

4:00 – Modern IV
5:00 – Jazz IV
6:00 – Adv. Ballet
7:15 – Pointe
7:45 – Adv. Tap
8:30 – Adv. Jazz/Contemporary


Studio 1

4:30 – Tap II-III
5:00 – Creative Dance & Gymnastics
6:00 – Intermediate Tap/Ballet/Pre Jazz
7:30 – Hip Hop I
8:15 – Hip Hop II

Studio 2

5:00 – Ballet I
6:00 – Jazz I
6:45 – Adv. Ballet
8:00 – Pointe
8:30 – Adv. Modern


Studio 1

4:15 – Tap IV
5:00 – Pre-Pointe
6:15 – Jazz/Contemporary III
7:15 – Modern III

Studio 2

5:00 – Ballet III
6:00 – Adv. Ballet IV
7:45 – Musical Theater


Studio 1


Studio 2

5:00 – Terres Dance Team Solos


Studio 1

9:30 – Beginner Tap
10:00 – Creative Dance & Gymnastics
11:00 – Beginning Ballet 7-10

Studio 2

9:30 – Gymnastics for Cheer
10:30 – Terre’s Dance Team Rehearsal


Studio 1


Studio 2

1:00 – 6:00 Miami Valley Dance Company Rehearsal

Summer Dance Class Schedule

6:00 PM – Jazz III & IV
7:00 PM – Tap I & II
7:45 PM – Tap IV & V
8:30 PM – Adv. Jazz
4:00 PM – Modern I & II
5:00 PM – Pre Pointe
6:00 PM – Ballet IV & V
7:15 PM – Pointe IV & V
5:00 PM - Ballet I & II 
6:00 PM – Jazz I & II
7:00 PM – Hip Hop
5:00 PM – Ballet III
6:00 PM – Adv. Ballet
7:15 PM – Adv. Pointe
7:45 PM – Inter./Adv. Modern


  • If full year tuition is paid by September 15th, a student will receive a 10% discount. This is only refundable with a doctor’s excuse.
  • All boys in dance will receive their second class free.
  • The third sibling in each family with receive 50% off his/her monthly tuition. 
  • Monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month. Late payments received after the 15th are subject to a $15 late fee.
  • Daily attendance records are kept and missed classes must be made up during the month they are missed.
  • All returned checks are subject to a $20 processing fee.
  • If fees are late, all discounts will be eliminated.
1 hour long class a week
$52 a month
$52 a month
45 minute class a week
$50 a month
$50 a month
1/2 hour class a week
$48 a month
$48 a month
1 1/4 hour class a week
$56 a month
$56 a month
2 classes a week
5% discount
5% discount
3-4 classes a week
10% discount
10% discount
5 classes a week
15% discount
15% discount
Unlimited classes per week
$216 per month

(pre-paid discount does not apply)

$216 per month