Meet Our Awesome Team

A well-balanced team of professional dance instructors. Terre's Dance Workshop offers an artistic, creative, and experienced team of dancers that provide the best possible learning environment. Learn to dance from the best dance teachers in Dayton, OH.

Terre's Dance Workshop

Terre Hoke Manning

Owner & Principle Dance Instructor Terre holds a BS in Dance Performance...

Terre's Dance Workshop

Pam Turner Ellis

Pam Turner Ellis – Pam studied dance for 15 years at Terre's Dance Workshop...

Terre's Dance Workshop

Claire Dorothy Hinde

Dance Instructor Claire Dorothy Hinde is thrilled to be choreographing...

Terre's Dance Workshop

Cassie George

Dance Instructor Cassie George studied dance for fifteen years at Terre's...

Terre's Dance Workshop

Lily Seitter

Dance Instructor Lily Seitter grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, where she received her formative...

Terre's Dance Workshop

Jaelyn Blake

Dance Instructor Jaelyn Blake is from Toledo, Ohio, where she started dancing at the


Ashley Griffin

Dance Instructor Ashley Griffin grew up in South Carolina where she joined South Carolina...


Jonathan Harris

Dance Instructor Jonathan Harris is from Dallas, Texas, where he received his early ballet training...


Mackenzie Krapfel

Dance Instructor MacKenzie Krapfel started her ballet training in Kettering, Ohio...


Jonathan Pattiwael

Dance Instructor Jonathan Pattiwael began dancing at 16 where he competed in dance...



Dance Instructor Brooke is starting her first season at DCDC2 after graduating from...